Over time CATHEXES as a firm, and as individuals, has initiated, facilitated, and/or collaborated in endeavors that set the standard for excellence in the region.  250 Bell Street, BRDI, REA250, and NVA250 are non-profit groups that are forward-thinking and engaging.

250 Bell Street

Owned and operated by Don and Susan Clark, the 250 Bell Street facility acts as a hub of diverse, talented companies.  It is grounded in a commitment to community and is a proponent of the strength and resources of Nevadan enterprise.  In addition, it has been a place to launch several enterprises in Northern Nevada.  These include:

Ongoing entities include CATHEXES, Nevada Venture Accelerator, Gilbane Building Company, REA250, Black Rock Solar, Envirolution, Simple Clean Janitorial, /Root Technology, and most currently Landing Zone, a new company that has been recruiting UK companies to launch their US presence in Nevada.


Founders: Architects Don Clark, Brad Van Woert, and Jack Hawkins

The Black Rock Design Institute (BRDI) is a 501c3 non-profit whose goal is to bring design to the forefront and is dedicated to improving our urban environment in the Northern Nevada region.  The BRDI has been fortunate to have partnered with the Nevada Museum of Art in MidTown Reno, which is the venue for BRDI events and lectures.  The BRDI has been able to educate about and instill the importance of good design in all aspects of our community.  The lecture programs have included architects, landscape architects, interior designers, visionaries, and artists as guest speakers.

As of 2014, there have been design bus tours of the local area and a curated program called “Un-built Reno”, an exhibit displaying past architectural designs and projects that were never constructed.  They have also worked with the Nevada Rural Housing Authority to provide modular, sustainable housing for teachers in Gerlach, Nevada.


Board: Myron Banwart, Tim Jones, Robert Shriver, Sue Clark, Jill Derby, and Susan Clark

The Renewable Energy Accelerator at 250 Bell Street (REA250) in Reno, Nevada, brings together talented Nevadans to accelerate the state’s transformation to a sustainable clean tech economy.  The REA250 Team is committed to open and transparent processes and to effectively engage all partners.  The intention, developed over many years, is to make things happen with rigor, ethics, and speed.


The Nevada Venture Accelerator (NVA250) at 250 Bell Street in Reno, Nevada, grew out of the non-profit REA250.  NVA250 was developed to meet the needs for high stakes, fast-moving solutions in renewable energy and in clean technology development.

NVA250 is committed to identifying and recruiting good corporate partners as a means to access new cutting edge technologies and solutions with focus on building working relationships with local businesses to help accelerate the development of a new economy in Nevada.

Examples include electric vehicle deployment and testing, integrated energy efficiency solutions, and new supply chain development for clean technology prototyping in Nevada.  NVA250 is currently developing a new secure prototyping assemble and testing facility at 250 Bell Street.  This will be combined with a public facility sponsored by REA250.