Built: 2004

Location: Reno, Nevada

This modern home in Reno, Nevada is a masterpiece of contemporary design.

Situated minutes from Lake Tahoe in the gated community of Legend Trail, the design was inspired by the land on which it was built.  The coexistence of views, mountains, high desert environment, and the balance of light and land were paramount. The conscientious balance of the straight to the curved, and other elements that embrace the land form give this home life and soul.

Craftsmanship and Materials
The home utilizes a sustainable, “whole building” design approach, beginning with situating the home on the property in an environmentally-responsive way. The home makes use of passive solar, and takes full advantage of the uniqueness afforded by the site’s topography.  Whole building design is based upon the connectivity between materials selection, energy and water efficiency, ease of maintenance, indoor and outdoor environmental quality, and future flexibility.

A Private Sanctuary
The home is situated in the high desert foothills below Lake Tahoe.  It is bordered by the Great Basin Desert and the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada mountains.  Residents enjoy a timberline setting that offers privacy and seclusion, and a back yard of mountains, forests, and panoramic vistas.  Here, the sublime beauty of the desert unites with inspired architecture to bring about a sense of place beyond compare.