Von Bismarck

Location: Reno, Nevada

Situated on the corner of Wells and Cheney in the Wells Avenue redevelopment corridor, Washoe’s Wurst is an adaptive re-use project utilizing a neglected auto repair shop and transforming it into a new restaurant and tavern establishment.

Washoe’s Wurst is a successful example of cost effective transformation focusing on meaningful architectural design that maximizing user experience. With limited indoor space, over 50% occupied by the kitchen and bar, the user experience is primarily focused on the outdoor areas of this establishment.

The parking was positioned up front on Wells Avenue such that two distinct spaces could be allocated, one on each side of the existing building and proposed kitchen. The intent of this bifurcation was to accommodate two distinct populations, more bar oriented clientele as well as the family oriented and permitting both to exist simultaneously. This separation offers a distinct place and cultural identity for a broad group of local residents.

The contemporary use and elegant delivery of natural materials [steel, wood, and concrete] as well as exposing the interior structure of the existing building create a wonderful, honest expression of the architecture, designed to work as one with the food, service, and culture generated by this establishment.

Washoe’s Wurst will specialize in locally sourced sausages and meats as well as have a broad selection of beverages for all ages and is expected to be completed in 2018.