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We live our lives in a complex ecosystem. We at Cathexes have always seen our role as contributors to the heart of that ecosystem. In keeping with that spirit, over the years Cathexes has created, instigated, and participated in the growth and development of the place we live. This includes such things as producing live radio shows that helped launch the amphitheater at Victorian Square in the 80’s, launching
the City of Reno arts commission in the 90’s, establishing the Black Rock Design Institute in the 2000’s and hosting both concerts and political events throughout the 2010’s. We are looking forward to the kinds of participation Cathexes will have in the years to come.

architectural drawing
cathexes team

“Liberation Day” is the first day back at the beginning of each year:

Each Cathexian presents their individual goals for the year.

We develop goals for the office.

Then we go have fun together not knowing what the day holds. Axe throwing, paint ball wars, ice skating, cooking lessons…….

axe throwing
cathexes team exercise

Why a plunger? We are human. We do boneheaded things. Every week we acknowledge one of our own with a trophy to commemorate the most boneheaded thing from the week… The plunger belongs to them until the following week.


The golden plunger. When someone’s bonehead move really stands out at the end of the year, they will win a golden plunger. This has evolved into a wonderful art project created by the previous winner. Jerry won the golden plunger in 2019, this video shows off his golden plunger for the following year. Hot stuff!

Cathexes team

Don Clark, along with Jack Hawkins (Hawkins & Assoc.), and Brad Van Woert (Van Woert Bigotti) founded the Black Rock Design Institute in 2004. The impetus was to raise the design awareness and dialogue in the entire region. This included bringing dozens of world-renowned design professionals here as guest speakers including:
David Salmela
Rick Joy
Paul Kephart
Andrea Cochran
Anne Fougeron
Marlon Blackwell
Cheryl Barton
Brian Mackay Lyons
David Baker
Tom Kundig
and many more…

Unbuilt Reno

BRDI projects produced a full exhibit held at the Nevada Museum of Art of envisioned projects for the Reno area that were never built. This included multiple projects from various Architects and Developers for almost a century. Some sites had as many as 5 different proposed projects.

Cathexes has hosted dozens of community
gatherings throughout the years. These vary
from political events, rock concerts, technology
launches, international trade missions, and more.
Cathexes has never charged for this to be
able to remain a true host for various efforts
throughout the years.

Cathexes community

Wine Time. Every
Friday. 4:30 pm.
Open invitation,
see you Friday.

Don Clark worked with Larry
Harvey, one of the founders
of the Burning Man festival, in
designing “The Man” for two
years. This particular burning
man turned out to be the tallest
man ever on the Playa. At ten
stories tall, “The man” towered
above Black Rock City.

Burning Man

Drawings of the process of this burning man are now housed as part of an exhibit in the Smithsonian, created by the Nevada Museum of Art.

Don Clark, AIA
Founding Principal

Jeremy Packer, AIA

Rachel Farrell, MRIAI

Jerry Cates, Assoc. AIA
Senior Associate/ Project Manager

Mike Johnston, RD
B.I.M. Manager

Omar Garcia, Assoc. AIA
Design Coordinator

Loretta Young, LEED AP
Senior Project Manager

Dylan Szewczak, Assoc. AIA
Design Coordinator

Phil Davis
Senior Project Manager
Licensed Architect in California, Hawaii, and Arizona

Jody Yehle
Senior Project Manager
Licensed Architect in Colorado

Carson Lehouillier
Design Coordinator

Kobe Navarro, Assoc. AIA
Design Coordinator

Bhanu Gopavarapu, Assoc. AIA, COA
Design Coordinator

Karissa Kirsch

Keeley Haglund, BSBA of Finance & Economics


Bodie Szewczak, Esq.
Lead Distraction