300 South Wells

Location: Reno, Nevada

300 South Wells is a renovation project of an existing brick office building that was first redone by Cathexes back in the early 90’s as an adaptive reuse of an existing warehouse. At that time, the building received a complete structural/earthquake retrofit to stabilize the unreinforced masonry brick and CMU walls. Commercial office space/suites made up the entire new use of the building and continues today.

Cathexes was asked once again to evaluate and examine a possible change in use for the new building owner, S3 development. The new program to be considered will be a combination of office, retail, and residential. Because the existing structure was used as a warehouse, the floor to ceiling heights are very tall, +12 feet in some areas. We took advantage of this height in the development of the residential component of the project. Working off the existing 16-foot-wide structural grid and high open web truss roof structure, we were able to create a series of studio-loft apartments perfect for the proposed mixed-use concept for the building.

The first phase of the project has been to completely redo the overgrown and poorly maintained landscape areas of the building while also updating the exterior aesthetic of the building. The wonderful appearance of the existing brick will be maintained while the existing stucco will receive a fresh coat of paint in a new color scheme. The existing canopies will receive a color change along with CORTEN steel sheets to replace the existing painted light gauge corrugated metal. The color of the existing storefronts will be updated, and exterior accent lighting will be installed to highlight the new landscape and building facades.

Stay tuned to the progress of the changes and watch this building transform and rejuvenate its neighborhood and surroundings.