Located just blocks away from downtown Reno, 85 Keystone occupies a space initially zoned for ‘Professional Office’ use. However, through a productive partnership with the City of Reno, a unanimous consensus was reached: this plot held far greater potential as a mixed-use site, effectively catalyzing an essential urban infill endeavor within this growing city. By going through the Specific Plan District process, we were able to gain more density than what was previously allotted by the development code, allowing this project to blossom into what it is today.



85 Keystone presents a captivating example of adaptive reuse, breathing new life into a once uninspiring, bulky office building and transforming it into a dynamic mixed-use enclave. The architectural concept not only amplifies the innate charm of the original structure but also introduces a sleek, contemporary companion that stands in intriguing contrast to its surroundings.

By seamlessly melding pre-existing materials, modern elements, and lush living walls, an environment of intimacy and human proportion is artfully crafted.

Envisioned as a hub of activity, this project assumes a dual role in uniting the western residential enclave with the bustling commerce to the east, effectively forging a link along the Keystone corridor. Located just two blocks from the Truckee River, this project will have access to the beautiful trails the area has to offer whilst serving as a place for relaxation after a long day on the river.

The former office gains new life by housing a delightful deli/restaurant space complete with outdoor dining. Ascending to the second floor unveils a collection of eight alluring loft apartments, each exuding a distinct modern allure. Mirroring these uses, the supplementary building offers similar functional facets, along with twenty loft apartments, effectively doubling the spatial efficiency. To unite these spaces, a bridge elegantly spans from the third floor of the new extension to the proposed rooftop terrace of the existing structure. It’s atop this vantage point that the panoramic views of downtown Reno, the meandering river, and the majestic mountains can be appreciated.

As a visionary project, 85 Keystone offers a glimpse into Reno’s impending future, orchestrating a metamorphosis of a long-neglected urban expanse into an invigorating and hospitable community.

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