Ackerman House

Built: 2000

Location: Reno, Nevada

The Ackerman Residence Remodel was an extensive remodel to a house that had been badly damaged by a fire. The existing foundation was reused except for the garage, which was fully replaced and enlarged. As many as possible of the surviving exterior walls were also salvaged.

In addition to the constraints of using the existing foundation, financial constraints limited the budget to not much more than the insurance money from the fire. The original house was a typical home in a neighborhood of similar 60s and 70s ranch houses.

The owner, a graphic artist, had traveled in the Mediterranean and Latin America, and loved the brightly colored earthy architecture of these areas. A high degree of “attitude” was desired in the new architecture of her home. Light, color, and form were emphasized to translate the personality of the client into the architecture.

Shared Sanctuary
In programming for this remodel, the client expressed the desire to create a “shared sanctuary.” Her home was to become her private retreat, but one to be shared with and enjoyed by others at times.

Grand Space for Everyday Living
A primary objective of this design was to create an atmosphere of fun, art, and grand space for everyday living. A relationship between inside and outside was created, taking advantage of the beautifully landscaped backyard. The roof balcony accommodated her desire for city views while creating an additional outdoor “room”. Each space flows into the next, creating a feeling of grandeur in a limited amount of space.