Built: 2008

Location: Reno, Nevada

Along with close attention to natural ventilation and increased insulation the other sustainable concepts used were:  radiant flooring, reclaimed wood decking, reuse of existing masonry and provisions for future solar hot water and photovoltaics.

The Adams-Juarez Residence remodel and addition is a dramatic transformation of a ‘60’s ‘Ranch-style’ home.  The addition of 2,000 square feet of living space included the extension of the basement towards the steeply sloped backyard and a new master bedroom above.  The garage volume and footprint was also increased in lieu of the client’s desire for classic car storage. Connection to the outside and sustainability were important elements to the client. Two large volumes were created over the existing structure – one for an entry area and the other for the kitchen/dining area.  The large volumes with operable upper windows offer natural ventilation through the ‘heat  chimney’ effect.  The master bedroom ‘wing’ extends out over the sloping site to capture views of both Peavine Mountain to the north and Mt. Rose to the south.  A Nana Wall system opens up the living room to the view which creates an immediate connection with the new swimming pool.