Location: Clio, California

The use of natural materials and colors on the exterior blend together as an integrated whole to express its Eastern Plumas County locale. Amenities include a Bar and Lounge, Kitchen, Fitness Center, Rock Climbing, Locker and Steam Rooms, Family Game Room, Media Room, Child Care, Swimming Pool and Spa.

Attention is given in the design of this neighborhood recreation center to its centralized location and prominence, solar orientation, disturbing as little as possible the natural vegetation and grand pine trees on the site, and using the natural drainage way as a waterway feature and nature path.  The overall massing and plan layout takes advantage of the views from within the site to both provide vistas (the Upper Level Yoga Loft and adjacent occupiable roof deck), and quiet nestled relationships set within the existing trees (the Veranda adjacent to the Bar/Lounge overlooking the creek).

Located near the Middle Fork of the Feather River and within the Nakoma Golf Resort, Altitude acts as a focal point for the Villas at Nakoma, the Nakoma Residence Club, and surrounding neighborhoods.  The recreation center sits within a few hundred feet of the Frank Lloyd Wright designed Nakoma Clubhouse.  The design of Altitude evokes very subtly to Wrightian principles, but uses inspiration from the regional Native American traditions of the Maidu tribe, including their finely crafted baskets, and seasonal structures.  The orientation of the facility opens towards the east to draw in warm, early morning light, while shielding itself from the hot, western sun of the Summer afternoons.

With large operable openings, and vaulted spaces with full-height glazing, the connection to the mountain surroundings is manifested in all spaces save the media room.   The facility will be used by many different demographic groups with different levels of expectation and comfort requirements.  Therefore, the location and space adjacencies were driven by levels of activity and noise, progression of occupant uses, and visual connections between those uses.



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