Booth St

Located across the street from Reno High-School, the Booth project is inspired by shifting light and shadows throughout the day.

After careful study of adjacent buildings and views in and out of the site, it was determined that there was an opportunity to create architectural forms that allowed light to dance along the facade while directing views in the desirable direction. 

The saw-tooth walls create sharp morning shadows on one side, and long, late afternoon shadows on the other thus physically marking time for both residents and passersby.  

The shifting light across the building’s surface illuminates the vivid cycle of daily life, reinforcing our concept for the ground floor; connecting the neighborhood at a new public cafe by drawing in pedestrians from this diverse community of school, office and residential buildings.

The Booth project utilizes biophilic design concepts to create a healthy environment for inhabitants in an urban setting. Natural light, passive ventilation, and a holistic landscape enrich the project with sustainable amenity spaces.

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