The Bunker

Built: 1999

Location: Reno, Nevada

The existing 25,000 square foot automobile maintenance shop was renovated into a restaurant/cigar bar with office space located on a 3,200 square foot mezzanine. Additionally, a 10,000 square foot office building was built adjacent to the existing building on the northern portion of the property.

The property is located in an area of Reno that was in need of revitalization.  The nature of the design accomplished this by making this project and its tenants a draw for the area.  The project had a budget of $2.5 million and was completed in early 1999.

Restaurant Space:
The 25,000 square foot restaurant/cigar bar located in The Bunker, at Holcomb Avenue and South Virginia in Reno, includes a deli, bakery shop, restaurant, and bar with a wine tasting area creates an outdoor market atmosphere.  The blend of and variety of these disciplines is the success behind the project.

Design Office T.I:
The 5,400 square foot Tenant Improvement is for an office on the northern portion of the building.  The unique and specific requirements of the users were integrated by dividing the space into three distinct areas while remaining open enough to not appear segregated. The administration area is at the front of the building, the production staff located at the perimeter and the library, work areas, kitchen and bathroom at the back.