Built: 2003

Location: Dayton, Nevada

Dayton Professional Building is a two-story 18,000 square foot medical office building which houses an Urgent Care, Imaging Services, Physical Therapy and a private practice all on the ground floor.  The upper floor is a leased space with one public conference room and restroom facilities.

Our task was to combine Urgent Care, imaging services, private practice, and physical therapy in a manner that reflected the client’s vision:  to become the medical anchor in the fast-growing community of Dayton, Nevada.  The building was designed to complement the rural setting of Dayton using local agricultural and farm structure imagery. The major exterior finishes are Parklex (a resin coated plywood veneer), wood grained cement board, and overgrouted fieldstone — all selected not just for context, but also color, texture, and durability.  

To build a high quality medical office building quickly and affordably.

This building is a sleek, sophisticated design that pays homage to the rural roots of the community using innovative materials.  This project was programmed, designed and constructed in less than one year – and was under budget.