Built: 2007

Location: Minden, Nevada

The architecture takes on the vernacular using building forms and materials derived from local barns, silos, mills and sheds, expressed with a modern vocabulary.

This hometown credit union is situated in the Carson Valley along Interstate 395 at the gateway between Minden and Gardnerville, Nevada. As one passes by the building a gabled roof with clerestory windows and long shed roofs flanked by the artistry of local masons’ brickwork catch your eye. A blue board-on-board wall dons the logo and welcomes its members as they then enter through a galvanized sheet metal silo.

Expansive views of the Sierras are permitted through large storefront windows when standing at the teller line.  Open web trusses and an open plan allow visibility to almost the entire building interior – nothing appears to be “hidden” from its members.