Indio, CA Master Plan

Location: Indio, California

Indio California is located in the Coachella Valley of Southern California’s Colorado Desert. The Indio Master Plan is a mixed used development intended to revitalize the area and stimulate economic growth. This includes 534 residential units, 118,400sf of retail, and 203,200sf of office space. The 45-acre site holds a rich historical and cultural significance, which became the driving force behind the scale, proportion, functionality and integration of the design. The exponential growth of the City’s population in recent years, combined with a Downtown that falls short of what the City needs, gives rise to a pressing demand for this development.

The development aims to create a sense of place, where residents can live, work and play. The project site is adjacent to long established single-family residential communities with a deep history. The proposed development invites these communities in with a series of tree lined paseos which ultimately lead to the central Plaza. The relationship between the proposed development and the surrounding communities was a fundamental influence when determining the scale of the buildings. The North end of the site is bordered by Highway 111, lending itself to medium scale architecture in the form of a Grocery Store, Hotels, a Pharmacy, along with mixed commercial and residential. Moving towards the center of the site, the scale of the buildings begins to grow energetically towards larger, high density mixed use. The scale then begins to taper out towards to South end of the site, into a lower rise residential typology, integrating respectfully into the existing neighborhoods. Furthermore, the routes through and to the site are strategically placed to leverage multiple external influences including the Highway, a nearby High School and existing adjacent commercial amenities.

The Plaza is the epicenter of the development, flanked on all sides by high density mixed use commercial and residential. The North side of the Plaza is fringed by the main vehicular access through the site, ensuring it will be vibrant with activity. The center of the Plaza hosts a performance stage to accommodate Indio’s rich artistic culture.

The harsh temperatures of Indio dictate that a significant amount of dense shade is required. This is achieved by a combination of large native trees, interspersed with medium infill trees, and strategically placed shade structures. The shade structures double as marketplaces, signage for commercial use, and covered walkways. This allows both visitors and residents to remain outdoors comfortably for longer periods of time, even in high heat, boosting the development’s economic and social value. The pedestrian focus is further highlighted by the concept of shared streets, the car is secondary with priority given to cyclists and pedestrians. Ample parking is provided toward the outskirts of the development, with 1,244 parking spaces in total, thus ensuring its ease and attractiveness to visitors.

Among numerous system integration strategies, an on-site wastewater treatment plant will manage and recycle the load created by the development. Also, large photovoltaic arrays will supplement the electric load demand.

This development creates a powerful sense of place for visitors and residents alike. The careful mix of uses, combined with the encouragement of entertainment and a pedestrian focus ensures that this development will be a transformative catalyst for growth in the City of Indio.