Juniper Village

Juniper Village Apartments in Reno, Nevada is a contemporary low income, subsidized housing development intended to provide cost effective, permanent housing for residents at 40% and below Area Median Income (AMI). 

Juniper Village consists of 44 one and two bedroom units as well as a community center. Situated within walking distance to many of its resident’s daily needs, Juniper Village is a socially responsible development intended to provide housing to an under-served population as well as create a catalyst for redevelopment within the East 4th Street corridor. The challenge was to create an evocative architecture not characteristic of typical “affordable housing”. Investment of craft, research into cost effective materials, and early dialogue with builders all led to a valuable visual statement eroding common stigmas associated with affordable housing.

Juniper Village was awarded the 2013 State of Nevada Qualified Allocation Plan tax credit and is designed to meet California Air Resources Board (CARB) compliance for indoor air quality/healthy environments. The project is Energy Star Certified and uses a 30kw solar array to reduce energy usage by 30%. 

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