Millbrae Serra Station

Location: Millbrae, California

Located in the City of Millbrae, San Mateo County, California, this 11-acre project is adjacent to the BART/Caltrain station and San Francisco International Airport.  It is a Transit-Oriented Development along El Camino Real Boulevard.

The goals for development are based on the 1998 Specific Plan for the City of Millbrae and amending them to bring the development into the 21st century. Such land use goals include:

  • Concentrate higher intensity office use in the immediate vicinity of the intermodal station, to reinforce transit and downtown businesses.
  • Encourage new residential uses that support transit and downtown businesses.
  • Establish active ground-level uses that contribute to a safe and lively pedestrian environment.
  • Establish a civic open space and public gathering place on the western front of the BART station.
  • Establish building heights that comply with FAA standards, promote increased intensity around the station and maintain an appropriate town scale for Millbrae.
  • Ensure that proposed land uses are compatible with the noise environment.
  • Establish development at an intensity that creates an active pedestrian and transit-supportive environment.
  • Orient the open spaces to ameliorate the intense wind conditions.