Mountain Ranch Residence

Location: Reno, Nevada

Situated just off the Mount Rose Highway, this site boasts breathtaking views, both to Mount Rose and to the City of Reno.

The Client’s wish for privacy and seclusion, combined with a desire to enjoy the spectacular views, instigated a design which comfortably reaches in two directions across the existing landscape. The two wings of the house stem from a central family space, forming a protected courtyard to the rear. The dominance of this central space is further emphasized by a freestanding fireplace which acts as a pivot point for the two wings, both structurally and spatially. The fireplace opens to the Foyer on one side and to the Great Room on the other, creating a visual link between the spaces. The Great Room then stretches seamlessly into the Courtyard, creating an elegant play between inside and outside. A ramp gently rises from the central living space up to a raised Master Suite, secluded from the rest of the house. This Suite includes a generous master bath, two walk-in closets, a study, home gym, and a private covered deck which captures the views to the Mountain and to the City.

This design was crafted around carefully selected vantage points, opening to the views where desirable and closing to the world where necessary, achieving both privacy and openness. The concrete spine wall to the South acts as a protective barrier both to the wind and sun, as well as a gallery wall to the interior. The clerestory windows above are positioned to capture the view while controlling the amount of light that penetrates the space. The concrete marks the beginning of a play with materials that subtly emphasizes the design and functionality of the house. There is a delicate balance between concrete, fiber cement, steel and wood, with the metal roof performing as the governing architectural element to the overall design. The subtle angles and dramatic cantilevers offered by the roof, guide the light into the space and the eye towards the view.

The processional approach to the front entrance is intended to slow people down as they draw near, preparing them for entering a home environment which is at once striking and serene. An architectural language which is structurally simple, yet spatially elegant and powerful.