Newark Visitor Center

Location: Newark, New Jersey

Excerpt from the Competition Submittal:

“What was, what is, what’s yet to come.”

Our thoughts:

Explore Newark through the eyes of a building.  Discover Newark’s history through portals. Peer inside and out and to views beyond, culminating at a place where its future is contemplated.

Exterior and interior ramps form a procession which focus and direct views.  The ramps mirror one another, penetrating the building, symbolizing Newark confronting their past.   The ramps turn making their way through the building, parting with the past, engaged through an interactive display, looking to the future, culminating at the Gallery on the upper floor.

The building’s character takes on the industrial nature of the nearby train station and associated bridge.  The exterior skin is destined to take on a patina of its own.  Roof gardens and interior public spaces provide venue for discussion.  Main level public spaces create two options: the entry plaza is formal yet an invitation to come play, the river view plaza is more embracing, a gathering place for performances, exhibits, farmers markets, barbecues…….community.