Osprey Cove

Osprey Cove is a small vacation resort situated on a 1.6 acre site located on the northern edge of Lake Almanor on “The Peninsula”, facing east.

Pacific Gas and Electric owns the lake and produces hydroelectric power by controlling the flow of water through the dam.  The property is heavily populated with mature pine and fir trees of varying sizes.  Every effort was made to maintain as many trees as possible.  At the water’s edge, the site opens to a large cove that contains the majority of the lake’s boat slips. 

There is a fairly large grassy area leading from the rocky shoreline to the base of the lake edge units.  The architecture of the new buildings is upscale and hip with an alpine flavor.  Antler lamps and chandeliers are forbidden! 

The lake has been a very popular vacation and retirement spot since the 1950’s, and has recently become even more popular with recreational water sports, camping, fishing and festivals. 

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