Location: Reno, Nevada

What is Queenopolis?

Queenopolis is a true amalgamation of our client’s deep love for the classic 1927 German expressionistic movie masterpiece “METROPOLIS” and the legendry 70’s British rock band Queen.


Once completed, the project will serve as the ultimate “mancave” displaying our client’s vast collection of memorabilia from both the movie and the band. The intent was to create a stylized backdrop in the flavor of the movie without being literal.

The building exterior is very simple in keeping with the Japanese mountain home aesthetic of the main house on the property, while the interior will pay tribute to the movie and the band with our versions of the Yoshiwara Lounge, Rotwang’s Lab, and a stage backdrop defined by an image of the famous Madison Square Garden set, the “Pizza Oven”.

This place is gonna be fun!