Serenity Support Services

Serenity Support Services is a publishing company that provides literature to assist people in making positive and permanent lifestyle changes.

The philosophy of our client was very basic and direct: work hard and have fun. They wanted to reflect this philosophy in their building as well as respond to the steeply sloped high desert site.

Upon entering the building you pass beneath the “nest”, a place where the two owners must climb by stair or ladder from each side to retreat and meet in their own private space.  This space is linked to a balcony which permits a view out to the Carson Valley.  The office area (3,550 s.f.) and warehouse (8,450 s.f.) are separated by a 4 foot grade change.  As a result of this stepping, a curved ramp serves as the main circulation path through and around the building. At this point a large translucent window separates the office from the warehouse yet allows one a sense of the happenings on the other side.  Tall windows permit light and views into and out of the open office. 

The warehouse is not unusual from other warehouses other than the slices of color that transmit through numerous sage green concrete masonry joints.  Native stone from the site was used not only to landscape but also to veneer the battered wall at the entrance to the building. Concrete masonry units and native rock from the blasting of the site were chosen for their tones, which match the site and vegetation, helping the building blend with its surroundings.  As the sun sets colored plastic inserts in the warehouse masonry wall cast different lengths of color into the interior space. 


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