Sierra Flats

Affordable housing quite often tends to be treated like “Storage” for folks. This project was designed to create “place” and “home” with vibrancy and quality of life indoors and outside. 

Mission: Sierra Flats aims to provide beautiful, sustainable, and secure housing for low-income families and seniors in Carson City.

Project Scope:

  • Two-phased construction delivering 160 affordable units:
    • 120 units designated for families
    • 40 units designated for seniors
  • Rents directly tied to Area Median Income (AMI) to ensure affordability and combat rising housing costs.

Design Philosophy:

  • Community-Oriented: Inspired by Carson City’s agricultural heritage, Sierra Flats fosters a lively and energetic atmosphere.
  • Respectful Integration: The familiar architectural style draws from the existing character of the neighborhood.
  • Sustainable Efficiency: Energy-efficient construction promotes environmental responsibility and reduces utility costs for residents.
  • Rhythm & Consistency: A well-defined construction plan ensures a fast completion timeline to address the urgent need for affordable housing.
  • Modern Interpretation: Utilizing familiar materials with a modern twist in terms of color and configuration, Sierra Flats creates a unique and beautiful living space.

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