The Lake

Built: 2019

Location: Reno, Nevada

Located in the heart of downtown Reno, this student housing project sought to tie the urban fabric of the immediate context with the nearby University, while providing a safe and interactive environment for living and learning.

The project provides a mixed-use approach to student living with retail space at the street level, covered and secure parking, and street level and upper level amenities.  With 250 living units, ranging from 2 bedroom to 4 bedroom units, the opportunity for creating an overall community with smaller neighborhoods was accentuated with 4 towers connected with a roof top amenity space.  Community living was the emphasis with the concept of courtyard gathering areas for social activities and study breaks.  Site lines were studied and maintained with building openings to provide breathing room while reaching the appropriate density level.  Other features of the project include:

  • Inset Urban Plazas for chance interactions and an inviting spirit and connectedness to its urban place.
  • Living walls, green roofs and plazas for healthy living and studying, as well as, building performance benefits.
  • Active street level frontage, benefiting the neighborhood, feeding an active street frontage towards the University, and providing security for residents.
  • Rooftop pool deck, BBQ, and outdoor activity spaces.

With excellent urban access at and around the site, multiple access points were used to help define legibility throughout the project.  With consideration to urban infill, density, multi-use programming, and appropriate parking strategies, the design serves as a model for sustainable urban development.