The Edison

The Edison is a next generation “hybrid” student housing project. Located on the north edge of the University of Nevada Campus, this LEED gold 232-unit facility is built to serve both students attending the university and young professionals. 

Comprised primarily of studio and 1-bedroom units, the project is geared to folks who want their own space but also a communal “place”.  

From the moment you enter, there is a sense of community that continues up into the second-floor gym and lounge areas. The community culminates in two distinct roof-top courtyards. One is an active gathering space with spa, barbeques, dining, and gym access. The other is a quieter garden area with multiple locations for residents to relax. 

This project was inspired by the fundamental shift from a historical industrial nature to an immerging hub of mixed-use living adjacent to the university campus. This shift informed the architectural language throughout the project creating a compliment to the growing vibrant nature of the surroundings and highlighting the expansive views of downtown Reno and the Sierra Nevada Mountains beyond. 

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