West 2nd District


The proposed West 2nd District connects two seemingly dichotomous land features: the Retrac rail corridor and the Truckee River. It is adjacent to the Entertainment/Tourism District and is within the core of downtown. This strategic 17-acre location is currently characterized by empty lots and blighted properties. 

The West 2nd District is a Master Urban Design project. The addition of new Residential, Retail, and Office spaces will revitalize the downtown area using Mixed-Use typologies for all the buildings and blocks to create vibrant streetscapes and a forum for active lifestyles throughout the day and night. Rather than being an automobile-based urban design, the essence of West 2nd District is pedestrian focused: a new urban plaza, pedestrian-only streets, ground-level retail and restaurants, and tree-lined paseos to provide shade and mitigate the heat-island effect.