West 2nd District

Developing with care

The West 2nd District connects two seemingly dichotomous land features: the Retrac rail corridor and the Truckee River. It is adjacent to the Entertainment/Tourism District and is within the core of downtown. This strategic 17-acre location is currently characterized by empty lots and blighted properties.

The West 2nd District is a Master Urban Design project. The addition of new Residential, Retail, and Office spaces will revitalize the downtown area using Mixed-Use typologies for all the buildings and blocks to create vibrant streetscapes and a forum for active lifestyles throughout the day and night. Rather than being an automobile-based urban design, the essence of West 2nd District is pedestrian focused: a new urban plaza, pedestrian-only streets, ground-level retail and restaurants, and tree-lined paseos to provide shade and mitigate the heat-island effect.

The architecture reinforces the active nature of the program, focusing on the movement of form and active facades.  Open floor plans and ample glazing for the residential units connect the residences to the district around it, and vice versa.  The project’s design creates opportunities for engagement and interaction while still providing privacy.

While pulling from the areas industrial past, the architecture seeks to change the archetype of Reno going forward.

The Central Utility Plant will provide hot and cold water throughout the district which will run the heating and cooling systems for all the buildings within West 2nd District.

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